Ted Inserra 4
District 4

Hello Neighbor,

My name is Ted Inserra I am not a wealthy person, I have no ties to big business or any special interest groups. Nor am I an experienced politician. What I am is:

  • A lifelong resident of this community.
  • Born right here in Broward General
  • Attended Croissant Park Elementary, Rogers Elementary and Stranahan Sr High

My career in the upper echelon of the Fort Lauderdale hospitality industry, has afford me the opportunity to work with amazing restauranteurs such as, Michelle Bernstein,  Mark Millitello, Oliver Saucy and Johnny Vinczencz.

My priority is for what is best for my city, OUR city.  I am a champion for our environment, our ocean, waterways and our amazing trees and canopy. I will fight to keep and maintain our city as the unique, beautiful home we have been gifted. The reason I am running for office is to represent the needs of my community, my home, my friends and neighbors.

I love this city and its amazing, dynamic diversity and all it has to offer. I have been here my entire life and I care about the community, the environment and first and foremost, you.

Thank you for stopping by,